Lets get real, the idea of having a wedding "day" is so old school. This is 2016 and the "wedding vacation" is what it is all about. Think for a moment instead of paying all that money for 8 hours in a venue why not spend the same money and get a vacation out of it? That's right, the wedding "vacation" is what Laguna Seca is all about. You can corral your entire wedding party into one neighborhood. Six neighboring estates all protected by a gated and very private neighborhood to call your own. A block party wedding where your next door neighbor is on the same vibe as you. Multiple venues, spacious sleeping accommodations, and room for your mother in-law to call her own. Bride estate, groom estate, and several neighboring estates for each and every person to call home for the weekend. Best part is at the end of the night all you have to do is walk next door. Call us today to see if our idea of a "wedding vacation" is exactly the kind of one of a kind wedding day can last a weekend.